Happy Durga Puja to all the readers of MBFT.in, we hope Maa Durga's blessing reaches all of you and your loved ones. The festive season has already begun for all the Indians, and we thought, how about a festive read for our readers to keep the good times rolling? Standing in the long pandal lines, one might get bored, especially as the Indian football calendar is going through it's first major hiatus this season. So, here's a breezy read looking into the 5 things that we, the supporters of this great club, learnt from watching our team in the first 3 matches of the 10th edition of the Indian Super League. From dual number 10s to Sahal bossing the game, from Anwar and Hector providing the bulletproof shield to the fluidity of Juan ball, read on to know more. Enjoy!!

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Is Sahal the best signing of the season? Not quite, for Mohun Bagan simply didn't lack in that position last season. We already had Boumous who on his own is a monster in the midfield. Then why did the  management go for Sahal, that too for such a hefty fee and sacrificing our captain and "ghorer chele" Pritam Kotal for the deal? If anyone had any apprehensions regarding this deal, think no more. Sahal has arrived. Not the Kerala Blasters Sahal. Not the winger Sahal. It is the Sahal at number 10. The Sahal who has the defensive cover to roam about almost into any space without the worry of tracking back. This Sahal also has Hugo by his side, and unlike with Adrian Luna, Sahal has been incorporated in his natural position and not accommodated elsewhere on the pitch. 


Sahal has always been that guy in Indian football, whom we all know has enormous talent, who can be the world beater India so desires. But it never worked out at Blasters. Sometimes he was played as a winger, sometimes he was asked to drop deep and defend. Not anymore. This is the new Sahal. This is his new start. Long may this continue.


This is just the time to tip your hats off to our management and say, "Well done". What a couple of signings! Anwar has been vibrant and rock solid ever since his move to Bagan. His ball playing ability, his passing, his tenacity and ability to hold off any opposition attack, are just mind blowing to say the least. He is like a fifth foreigner on the starting eleven, and we for one are not complaining at all!

But defensive partnerships are made of two defenders who are equally capable, equally astute in defense and who compliment each other well. And that's where our Spanish maestro, the last foreigner to be signed this season, almost out of no where, Senor Hector Yuste comes into play. A player who was playing against the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Marcus Rashford just a year back, being part of the cream of the European club competitions, the Europa League. 

Signing such a player without any noise or leaks must be applauded, and his performances on the pitch just show his caliber. Cool, calm, composed will be an understatement for Hector, his passing and being press resistant being some other highlights. Like seriously, you can't press this guy to make a mistake, he'll pass it, he'll twist and turn or he will just simply glide down the pitch and find the perfect pass. A glimpse of Sergio Busquets maybe? A signing of the season contender already, our Spanish maestro will no doubt continue to pull the strings from the back for this team.


Cummings is providing what Cummings promised he would provide. Goals? Yes of course, 8 of them in just 11 matches so far. But Cummings is way way more than just goals. You don't need to be an analyst to see that. Look at his link up play with Hugo and Dimi. Never will you see him staying in the box in the hope of a cross. Nope, that's not how a modern forward operates. He comes down, he looks for the pass, he wants to feel the ball, he wants to be a part of the game. Every moment, every pass, every minute instance will have to have him. That is Jason Cummings. He'll be present in the right place at the right time, but he'll also lay the perfect through ball for you too, as it has been the case on a couple of occasions already this season. Jason was a big money move, an animated character who was passionate and is loved by all the fans from day one. He's here to take over, and other teams better watch out!


If anyone thought Dimi, Hugo, Subhasish, Manvir or Liston will enjoy the influence and playing time they enjoyed in the last few years, I'll just say, think again. The old guard of Mohun Bagan are still there, and ably supported by the new cast, they are roaring. Captain Bose has been a revelation this season. Solid, if not overly fancy, he knows his job lies as a part of the back three that Juan loves to deploy. No antics, no unnecessary forward runs, just calm and composed. The Lion King of Mohun Bagan!

Manvir and Liston have started as wing backs this season. And Manvir especially has excelled having already scored two goals in the opening three games. Their pace, their tenacity and most importantly, their defensive prowess has been a treat to watch. Don't believe me? Liston has made 9 important tackles, 5 interceptions and most importantly has won 19 of his 32 attempted ground duels this season. Not bad for a winger, eh? If only he can fix his shooting, Liston would be unstoppable yet again.

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And last but not the least, our two priceless jewels, Dimi Petratos and Hugo Boumous. What can I say of them that has not already been said or written? Just feel blessed to watch them play for our club, be grateful and if you are in the mood, throw a prayer for the rival defenders. Hugo is back to his best form, and while you won't see astounding goals and assists numbers from him as of yet, his overall gameplay has been nothing but brilliant. Be it his positioning, his passing, his vision and what not? Everything this team does passes through Hugo.

And the same goes for Dimi. Our MVP from last season, Dimi picked up where he left from. A goal against East Bengal in the Durand final, Dimi has since then continued to carry on his good form for the team. Having already scored twice in three games in the ISL, can he be on course for the golden boot he so narrowly missed last season? Only time will tell. Until then, maybe a thigh-five?


The King finally proving his doubters wrong. There is hardly any team in India at the moment who can compete with this Mohun Bagan team. And this didn't come in a day. A derby defeat earlier in the season, Injury set-backs again and again, yet we never gave up. And that's Huan Ferrando for you guys. Last season Mohun Bagan was hit by the worst injury crisis in the ISL, having at a time, only 13 players including the goalkeeper to choose from. And guess what? We won the ISL. Juan has been underrated for a long time now, and people will finally see. Does Juan ball represent the traditional tiki taka, mixed with the modern elements of wing backs and relentless pressing? Maybe yes, maybe no. What is for sure is that, it's pleasing on the eye, it's beautiful, like Mona Lisa's smile, it's a slow burner, it will attract you, it'll make you wonder again and again, how did that happen? For the opposition? It's like a viper, it slowly goes around you, it chokes you, it won't kill you in one instance, but slowly and steadily, it will choke the life out of you. And once it does, you are already done. That's Juan ball. That's how Mohun Bagan play. And it will continue for years to come now. Rivals, deal with it. Mohun Baganis, rejoice!

Courtesy : Mohun Bagan Super Giant Media

These were our five standout points of this season so far. But these are not all. We have seen so much already this season. Sadiku's off form, the rise of Brendan Hamill, the role of youngsters in this team....the list can go on and on and on. What do you guys feel has been the standout moment so far this season? Do let us know, for we love to hear from our readers. And once again, Happy Durga Puja to everyone. Until next time, Joy Mohun Bagan!!

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