"The Whole Credits goes to Players and Management" : Coach Batsab Roy


Mohun Bagan SG destroyed the visiting Bangladeshi side Bangladesh Army with a clinching 5-0 victory. The contribution of Senior Team players like Liston, Manvir and Kiyan and Junior Team players like Suhail and Hnamte gave us the crucial 3-Points in our Openning Durand Cup Game.

Coach Bastab Roy said, when asked about today's performance : "The Whole credits goes to players and management. The Management trusted the players and they delivered it on the pitch"

He further added when asked about derby : "Our next aim is United Sports, day after tomorrow, the CFL game. We will take everything step-by-step"

Coach Bastab Roy reacted when asked about the physical conditions of the players due to this packed schedule : "Yes, players are having cramps. The humidity is way too high and its too hot on the ground. The ground is also very soft. But all these things are a challenge. Challenge for the medical team, challenge for us, challenge for everyone. This is all about mindset. We can do nothing."

Bastab Roy further added : "The win is a team effort. There is nothing to do with individual performances. We need to keep our feet on the ground and maintain this rhythm in the upcoming matches."

Bastab Roy also mentioned that Suhail is alright and there is nothing serious. It is just a leg cramp due to tight schedule. He will be OK soon.

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