Magical Naorem and Inevitable Suhail helps Mohun Bagan to beat United

Mohun Bagan SG 2-0 United SC
(Naorem, Suhail)

The sign of a Champions team is, You somehow manage to win a game even on your very bad-day. Under Bastob Roy, this Mohun Bagan squad is showing that elite mentality. After thrasing Bangladesh Army 5-0, Mohun Bagan had to play United SC withing just two days with almost the same squad available. Few key players like Suhail, Amandeep had knocks, So Bastob Roy opted for rotation. Highly regarded Kiyan Nasiri got his first start of the season, where Abhishek Suryavanshi played his very first CFL game. 

From the start of the game, United SC played like a well-oiled machine and created several big chances, but, lucking for Mohun Bagan, they couldn't convert a single one of them. In the 30' Mohun Bagan got the lead against the run of play.
Naorem intercepted a pass from the United Goalkeeper and scored a worldie from outside the box. After going behind United came onto attack with more fire-power's, and Arsh had to make some crucial saves, though he did a blunder with his outing once, but United failed to capitulate.

Second half started in a similar fashion, where Bastob opted for some changes. Raj Basfore, a solid performer this season had a off day, and Bastob replaced him with Ravi Rana. Brijesh Giri replaced Amandeep and Sibajit Singh came on for Hnamte. After the changes too, it was looking like United will score a Equalizer pretty soon. Bastob, at the 70' replaced Kiyan, who had a bad game, with The star of the show Suhail Ahmad Bhat. 

A Cristiano fanboy, Suhail is Clutch, just like his idol. Suhail came, Suhail saw, and Suhail conquered or, should I say Suhail Siuuu-ed!  He got a pass from Ravi Rana around the 87', made a run from the right side, and scored a banger from the edge of the penalty box. The keeper had no chance of saving that. 
Thanks to two brilliant goals , Mohun Bagan won the game 2-0 and currently leading the group with 19 points from 7 games.

Though, Mohun Bagan came victorious, Bastob Roy will not be happy with the performance at all. Specially the defence and the midfield lacked co-ordination. Abhishek had a great game against Bangladesh Army as the pivot, but, today in the first half he did some mistakes. In the second half though, once Sibajit came on, he had a solid game. 

Mohun Bagan's schedule is getting tougher, thanks to the incompetence of IFA, where they had to schedule a game within 48 hours for the team, which clearly didn't favour the players and fatigue was a clear issue. Even, regular performers like Raj Basfore had a bad day courtesy the pressure of playing games after games after games. 
Mohun Bagan again has to play Punjab FC within next 48 hours. By the state of the schedule, we hope Mohun Bagan will register senior players like Thapa, Sahal, Vishal, Bose to give the juniors some rest. 
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