Can Mohun Bagan win the Durand Cup?

If the FA Cup brings glory to English Football, the Durand Cup holds the same value in the Indian Football circuit. The tournament began in 1888 under the British Raj, but, after Independence, it's the Indian Army that hosts this competition. And, Mohun Bagan is the most successful team in this tournament (along with East Bengal), winning 16 titles! Though, recently, success has been hard to come by for Mohun Bagan in Durand, as Bagan won the competition for the last time in 2000, 23 years ago!

The most notable achievement for Mohun Bagan in recent years in this tournament has to be the 2019 edition, where, under Kibu Vicuná, Mohun Bagan reached the final but lost it courtesy of bad luck and some questionable decisions from the referee of that game.

This year, Durand is back, and Mohun Bagan will dream to win the 17th Durand title, but, as per the rumors, Mohun Bagan aren't going to field the strongest lineup available! Then, what should we expect?

As per the rumors circulating, Mohun Bagan is all set to field the Reserves Squad (the boys playing in the CFL) with some additions from the senior team like Hugo Boumous, Florentine Pogba, Manvir Singh, Kiyan Nasiri, and Liston Colaco.

Though a team can register new players 48 hours before any game, Mohun Bagan can certainly add more senior players to this squad before future games. With the Prestigious Kolkata Derby ahead, Mohun Bagan can add senior pros to the squad, but for the next two games, the reserves squad is set to get a chance with few seniors in the squad.

Let's take a look at the potential XI Mohun Bagan can field with the registered players (rumored).


  Now, what should we expect from this team?

 On Paper, this is not at all the strongest Mohun Bagan squad, but players like Flo Pogba need to impress to stay in the team. Liston Colaco suffered a loss of form last season, and he will look to prove a point here.

Manvir Singh was a guaranteed starter until now, but with the inclusion of Sadiku and Cummings, It's rumored Dimi Petratos might shift to the Right Wing spot. Manvir needs to prove his worth in Durand if he wishes to stay as the starting Right Winger on the team.

Kiyan Nasiri was touted as a big talent, but with the emergence of players like Suhail and Taison, Kiyan needs to perform in the Durand.

Young prodigies like Suhail Ahmad Bhat, Raj Basfore, and Amandeep Singh are doing wonders in the CFL. A Durand Cup against ISL teams like Punjab FC and Emami East Bengal FC will prove if they are ready for the step-up to the big league.

Though, Suhail will leave the squad before the derby as he has been selected for the U23 Indian team, he will try to have an impact in the games against Bangladesh Army and Punjab FC.


What should we expect from the boys?

Though a weak team on paper, Mohun Bagan's squad has enough quality to emerge victorious against Bangladesh Army. The Punjab FC match will be a tough task for the team,but if Juan's boys can play the Juan-ball, they can win that game too. The match against Emami East Bengal will be a tough battle, but Mohun Bagan has the chance to include some more senior players in the team.

 Can Mohun Bagan bring the title home?

 Mohun Bagan is in trouble with the schedule, as just after the Durand Cup group stage, they need to Focus on the AFC Cup Qualifier. But if Mohun Bagan can manage between both competitions and play a mix of Seniors and Juniors, Mohun Bagan has the power to trouble and beat any opponent on any given day. Winning the Durand is tough, but not impossible.

Mohun Bagan plays in any competition with the motto of winning it. Players like Suhail, Raj, Amandeep, Sumit, Raj, Sibajit, Taison, and Engson have the opportunity to become heroes in the eyes of the Mariners.

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