'Vocal for Local' - Mohun Bagan is all set to register 13 Son Of Soil for Calcutta Football League 2024/25

MBFT has looked into the Mohun Bagan camp and we can confirm, Bagan are all set to register atleast 13 Local Boys, with more inclusions expected.

Mohun Bagan's probable squad (which is currently training together) for the CFL as of now looks like this:

1. Nandan Roy (Local)
2. Raja Barman (Local)
3. Abhishek Balowari (Local)
4. Syed Zahid Bukhari

5. Raj Basfore (Local)
6. Saurabh Bhanwala
7. Sayan Das (Local)
8. Sumit Rathi
9. Brijesh Giri (Local)
10. Amandeep Singh
11. Pritam Meetei
12. Leewan Castanha
13. Chandan Yadav
14. Dippendu Biswas (Local)

15. Sibajit Singh
16. Sahil Kar (Local)
17. Ravi Rana
18. Tapan Halder (Local)
19. Sandeep Malik (Local)
20. Thumsol Tongsin
21. Satgougun Kipgen
22. Engson Singh
23. Abhishek Suryavanshi (Yet to Join)

24. Adil Abdullah
25. Suhail Ahmed Bhat
26. Vian Vinay Murgod
27. Akash Singh (Local)
28. Fardin Ali Molla (Local)
29. Uttam Hansda (Local)
30. Taison Singh
31. Salahudheen Adnan K
32. Serto Worneilen Kom

MBFT understands, Few more inclusions are on the cards and atleast 4 players have attended trials yesterday, who has previous experience in playing CFL.

Players like Suryavanshi, Engson will join the squad soon, who hasn't joined yet due to some personal issues.

Nandan Roy, Akash Singh and Sahil Kar got their much deserved promotion to the team, and few more U17 boys are expected to join the team soon.

Data Collected by : Abir Chowdhury

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