"I think in my opinion, obviously East Bengal has a very good squad and we will face a good team." : Coach Juan Ferrando


Mohun Bagan is on a winning streak in the prestigious Kolkata Derby. Juan Ferrando was interviewed in the VBYK today afternoon. Here is what he said in his  Pre-Derby Interview :-

Juan Ferrando on Derby: "No  No...It is a different match. For us it is important because it's a match where one might try to of course win their match and try to get the next round, be  in the next round but I am thinking not. The other matches is in the past so our focus is now  in the present. The next match is tomorrow. Try to give our best, obviously try to get three points and be in the next round"

Juan Ferrando further added : "First of all, of course AFC Cup is an important match because it is an international competition. I tell u that the truth is very important to focus for our match. Obviously the players, day by day they are in training. They are in Pre-Season. Some players are ready for the team for 20 minutes, another player for 55 minutes...we will see but we need to work with all the squad because its last match before the AFC Cup"

Juan Ferrando on Emami East Bengal squad : "Now in this moment I know that they sign good players. They have very good foreign players. Also the local players, the domestic players also I think is good for example mandar, we know him in Goa, the last seasons in Mumbai. I think in they have very good squad. We will see day by day, next matches"

Juan further added : "But I think in my opinion, obviously East Bengal has a very good squad and we will face a good team. They need time. I think they have started now, the Pre-Season like us, one or two weeks ago, so we need time and we will see what happens in Future."

Juan Ferrando on his season in future : "I repeat all the time the same that players are in Pre-Season, so we need to control for the risk of the injuries also is necessary to prepare different plans, so I am not thinking about who is best at the moment in the squad. For me the most important is players play day-by-day, try to understand the concepts in our plans"

" It is also important for to help the players to perform and in their performance because its not possible in 2-3-4 days be fit, so for me the most important is the players day by day feel better, the emotions are better and of course  try to find the best lineup in every moment you know, our target our goal is I hope we play a lot of matches , so its necessary in the moment to keep the best players in every match."

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