The Great Indian Struggle Continues: India vs Afghanistan Match Review !!

Once there was a child named Indian football ,
Sometimes it sprinted, sometimes it crawled.
Going at its own slow pace,
It tried to break down every wall.

It sold the fans a lot of dreams,
Here and there, it got many wins.
But it couldn't grow to it's fullest,
Because it's parents were not earnest.

They looted and enslaved this little child,
They killed it and still their greed grew wild.
They hired a puppet for their job,
He was from Croatia, of similar kind.

Fake promises and dreams were sold,
But alas as the fans grew old.
Their hopes refused to die,
The culprits? Oh they were stealing gold.

The Croatian was cunning, for he manipulated well,
And always blamed everyone else.
His ability was comparable to a sloth,
But Mr. Croat considered himself, "The One".

The one to lead us to failure !
The one to lead us into the darkness !
The one to kill our dreams !
The one to put water to our hopes !
The one to betray us time and again !
The one who will pay the price !

They'll have to pay for every heart they've broken. Every dream they crushed today. Every tear that is being shed today, India will remember. Igor Stimac, Kalyan Chaubey and co., India will remember. 

Congratulations Afghanistan, you deserved to win. Difficulties make you strong, sleeping on a bed cushion with 3 crores of cash makes you an incompetent idiot. That was the difference tonight. That was the difference against Syria.

What next now for Indian football? The fans cannot sleep anymore, that's for sure. The money hungry corrupt people have sucked the life out of football in this country for so long. It's time to wrest the power back from them. If that means boycotting Indian football, then so be it. After all, love is a powerful thing. Being tough is important in love. We all love India and football, and it's high time we got the results. Results will not come if we keep paying crores to foreign failure coaches, success will not come if we keep getting manipulated by the big Babus sitting in the AC rooms while our women sweat it out at 2:00 pm on a summer day.
Football belongs to the fans, and it's time to rise as one. Where will Indian football go from here is mystery to everyone. Does it matter who wins the ISL or I League, if the national team loses to an Afghanistan B/C/D team at home? Does it make sense to still play SAFF cup every year? 

Repercussions need to made, and now!! If not, they get ready for a freefall down to the bottom (again). But hey, this is Indian football. Here development and gameplay matters more than the result, right? RIGHT?

Rise up Indian football fans. It's a huge fight. We have to win. Football in India depends on us now. And lastly Mr. Stimac, next time you come to India, we hope it's on a tourist visa. Adios!!

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