"We want to win the AFC Cup, this is our dream" : MohunBagan Coach Juan Ferrando on Press Conference

After a stunning Kolkata Derby and Durand Cup victory, the Mariners are back from the International break to play one of the toughest sides from the AFC Cup South zone in an all-Indian clash with Odisha FC. This match will be a huge test for Juan Ferrando and his boys as they will play their first away game in Kalinga Stadium this season right after the International break.

Juan Ferrando is very determined to win each and everything this season whether it is the Domestic trophies or the International one. They already have proven themselves by winning the Durand Cup despite the team having chemistry and pre-season issues more than a month ago this same team lost to a Lacklustre Emami East Bengal FC but just things went out of hands Juan Ferrando took things into his own hands and won the Durand cup in a Dominating style.
Before this crucial clash against the Odisha side, Juan Ferrando along with Brendan Hamill attended the Pre Match Press Conference and they are well aware of the challenges Mohun Bagan have to face tomorrow.

• Juan Ferrando about Odisha FC and preparation against them:-

“For us, this is an important match as it is for Odisha. We have worked hard in preparation for this because it’ll be very difficult. They have a very good squad with very good players. It’s necessary for us to focus throughout the 90 minutes because if we lapse in one moment or in one detail, then Odisha can create a lot of opportunities.”

• Juan Ferrando on different gameplans for different tournament :- 

“I never think these tournaments to be the same. Durand Cup is a different competition and a thing of the past. The AFC Cup is a new tournament and there is no relation between the two. We’re happy to win the Durand Cup, but that was two weeks ago. In football, the present and the future are the most important. So, it’s important to focus on the AFC Cup. The emotions for the last match is in the past. It’s not necessary to consider because we have an important match tomorrow.”

•Juan Ferrando on Ashique's injury:-

“We are very disappointed to miss him for the rest of the season. We have a very good squad with very good players. I’m happy, because sometimes it’s difficult to find 2/3 players in the same position with good enough performance levels. We’re disappointed with Ashique’s situation, but it’s a part of football. The dressing room, the coaching staff are doing their best to prepare the plan for his immediate future. It’s not just the injury, but sometimes the thoughts they have to being unable to help the team in this season can hurt them. It’s difficult to lose him, but it’s a part of football and we hope he comes back from this stronger.”

• Juan Ferrando on comparison between Manchester City's Champions League winning run with Mohun Bagan's AFC Cup winning possibility:-

“We have a big responsibility because it’s a difficult tournament to reach the semi-finals and very difficult to reach the final after the group stages. But we’re very excited. Our mentality is to go upward and to improve. The most important is for this club to try, try and try to get to the final and maybe in one season we’ll have success. All the big clubs won big trophies because they’ve been fighting for the past 3-4 seasons before the achievement. For example, in Europe, Manchester City have been fighting in the Champions League semi-finals for many seasons and only last season they had the success of winning the competition for the first time. Obviously, we want to win the AFC Cup, this is our dream, but it’s necessary for us to try and try every season and hope to win the trophy for this club in one year,”

• Brendan Hamil about the feeling of the squad before this game :-

“Our group is focused, but at the same time, relaxed for the game. We’ve had a very good pre-season period in winning the Durand Cup and had good training in the last two weeks. We’ve worked hard as a group. It’s an important and tough match away from home against a team with a lot of important players, especially their foreigners. We know a lot of their strengths and history, having played against them in the last few seasons. It’ll be a good test and one we’re looking forward to.”

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