"I am very happy with this team" MohunBagan Coach Juan Ferrando on Press Conference

Juan Ferrando's men are all ready for the clash against their new opponent Punjab FC. After their successful Durand Cup Campaign, they have set their eyes on ISL and AFC Cup. On Friday evening, Mohun Bagan Gaffer attended the Pre-match Press conference where he answered many questions.

Juan Ferrando started his Press-Conference by "ISL is a different tournament, obviously it is not same to that of playing in Durand Cup. From last game, it was a AFC cup game which is also a different tournament. So I think its necessary to focus in tomorrow. Don't think about the past, in all the I explain the same, the most important is the present and the future. Tomorrow we need to start the season in our home for the match."
He further added "Punjab is a good team, last season was amazing season for them. Yeah, I think it is a great opportunity for them to start the ISL season, standing in the field of big coconut because this club won the champions in the last season, so its a important match, an amazing match and I hope we will be focused 90 minutes because the opponent team is not so easy"

Juan Ferrando when asked about his approach towards the game : "My approach is same, to focus and improve day-by-day. Now my approach is to focus on tomorrow, You know its difficult when there is a lot of matches in a short time, so its necessary to prepare some details, you know because tomorrow it is rapid, it is the first match, its a very important three points in this league. When you play at home, it is like a final more or less. So its necessary that everybody get ready and everybody be happy also, you know because this tournament is not so easy, the very important thing is the mentality."

Reporter: "We saw that at the starting of the season your defense was not settled, now it looks compact! Do you agree on this?"

Juan Ferrando : "I am not magic (smiles), I don't know future but we are working on the same way. For me all the time in repeat we are talking about the defense, I am not talking about the keeper and the line defense! I am talking about the Press of the Centre-forwards, the press of the Wingers, the timing of the Press. So it sees a lot of reason from the success in defense. So I think tomorrow is necessary to prepare in a different system in defenses, not the same play for example from the last match. I hope we will be ready because I think its the opening and totally different from the last opponent and is necessary to change the mentality , to change the plan and sometime of course take risks but we play at home and its necessary to take some risk because we want to win the first three points"

Juan Ferrando on the Mohun Bagan squad: "The squad is very good and for me I am very happy with this squad, I am very happy with this team. Of course sometimes it faces problems and not only tomorrow but in future I see the problems in the injures. Some times I am disappointing with a second but the players are ready to support the team, no matter what. So, I am not scared, I am not afraid, I have not changed my plan you know all the time our target, our plan of the match is same and if  it is not possible to play the player in the same position then if  another player feel ready to play in that position or in case of seeker we find another solution but I repeat, I am happy because we have good squad and this is the most important, obviously my job and the staff is to help the players to be ready to play. This season is so large, a lot of matches but ok, I will try to my best (smiles)"

Juan Ferrando on Squad rotation and player's game time : "Yeah I will explain about the situation when in a short time you have a lot of matches it's difficult because there is no time to prepare the team properly but I am happy in the same moment because there are many big club, a big club from Europe and Asia, they are playing in different competitions, International competitions as well as in domestic competitions, so I am happy that our club play a lot of matches, so of course for me is good because when one big club wants to do best in the different competitions is necessary to prepare the squad. This one I think, we have a good squad, my target is to prefer the players for every match, we try to decide the best line-up  , we try to decide the best for the recovery of the players. We select the best plan and then we will see step by step, I think in this moment of the season, I think its very important to be clear of our objectives, the most important is to focus  for Tomorrow, then after tomorrow and then after tomorrow and so on" 

He further added on Ashique's injury: "It's obviously a difficult injury, so in this moment it is impossible to tell. So we need time, I think after the surgery we will decide the plan with the doctors, with the officials and the staff. Keep Calm, I think in this moment the most important is to help a seeker to support him and because everybody knows when the pure illness or when you are injured, the people close to you love making their company is more easy  and  its more fast, so I hope the most important for us is to support, and I hope we will  get him soon"

This was the Pre Match Press Conference from ISL GW1 MBSG vs PFC Game. 

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