Kolkata Derby Throwback: The Day East Bengal flew from their own field

There are very famous Kolkata Derby's played throughout the years. Emami East Bengal fans buzz about the infamous derby of 2012, where Mohun Bagan withdrew the team to protect the lives of their football players. They celebrate it as 'Polayan Diwas'. But, just a few year ago, a true 'Polayan Diwas' happened when Emami EB, then Quess EB flew from their own club ground, when they were loosing 2-1 in the ZEE BANGLA FOOTBALL LEAGUE final against Mohun Bagan.

In 2019, Quess East Bengal left the pitch as Mohun Bagan were beating them 2-1 in the final of Zee Football League in the EB ground.

The galleries were almost full; it was an electrifying atmosphere at the East Bengal ground. The ‘red and gold’ brigade were leading via a spot kick in the second quarter of the match. Mohun Bagan equalised in the 47th minute by a header from Koushik.

Five minutes later, East Bengal’s goalkeeper illegally brought down a Bagan player and the referee awarded a penalty. Koushik converted to complete his brace and put his team forward with close to eight minutes left for the final whistle. But the vociferous East Bengal supporters, furious with the referee’s decision, started pelting stones on the ground.

Mohun Bagan came back from a 1-0 deficit to take the lead but QEB fans went angry as they started to throw stones.

It was the final of the inaugural Zee Bangla Football League, where QEB took the lead but Mohun Bagan cameback courtesy of a brace from Koushik.

It was a 60' game and around 55' when QEB fans understood they are loosing it, they started to create tension in the field.

As sportskeeda said " QEB fans started pelting stones following a penalty decision which was awarded against them.MB was leading in the U19 ‘Derby’ which was going on at the EB ground until the fans intruded in the dying minutes of the regulation."

QEB legend Pintu'da requested QEB fans to stop the violence, but those hooligans didn't even listened to their legend too.

Later IFA had to abandon the game as QEB officials denied to take the field to complete the game.

"তোরা যেদিন পালিয়ে গেলি, আমরা তোদের মাঠেই ছিলাম"

Btw, some famous names were part of that Mohun Bagan squad. 
Specially Sk Sahil, Subha Ghosh and Kiyan Nasiri came through from that team and later won the I-League for the senior team in the same campaign.

Look at the state of the field, they threw bottles on the referee too!
This was Pintuda's plea to the common Quess East Bengal fans, but they don't know who to respect their own legends.


They denied all the good advice and ultimately the match was ABANDONED.

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