" I want to win the Derby, I want to win the AFC Cup " : Coach Juan Ferrando


Lethal Mohun Bagan Super team snatched away 3-points from Punjab FC with a 2-0 Margin. With the likes of Hugo Boumous and Manvir Singh (considered an own goal), Mohun Bagan emerged victorious in the 2nd Match of the Durand Cup. Two Foreign Players - Hugo and Hamil played in the First XI and Dimi later came back as a Substitute. Subhashish Bose with the Captain's Armband, controlled the tempo of the game. 

This was Coach Juan Ferrando's first match and this is what he said in the interview via Ray Sportz

Coach Juan Ferrando : "Obviously our focus is to prepare for AFC Cup, for the playoffs rounds and keeping in mind the importance of the tournament. We have a great team with great players who scored 2 goals in the match. To do this kind of performances with a mixed team with Junior Players and Developed players is a great achievement. They are doing very well. Their actions speaks everything."

Juan Ferrando further responded : "I know for our supporters, I know for our Club The Derby is of outmost importance, but don't forget they try to improve the team, the players. So we will see, I think it is not necessary to talk so much for the future because we have a lot of job to do (Smiles)...."

Juan Ferrando when asked about the Junior Team : "Everybody knows the developed team but the junior team is special. They have to work very good, very hard. The last tournament, in Mumbai but I think when they play against the big teams like West Ham, the performance is so good and now with the new coaching management they are doing to good in the Calcutta League and they are doig perfect"

"The performance in the first match for the Juniors against Bangladesh Army was so good. So I think this is also our target, like a club, ofcourse we want to win trophies, we want to win games, lot of thinks and also it is very important for our development team. They are the future of the club"

"I am so happy. Obviously they are very young. They need time, everybody needs time"

Juan Ferrando when asked about Emami East Bengal Team : "Yes I watch the matches. Yesterday I watched at night, I was in training but honestly I am thinking in my team I am not to put the attention because I think East Bengal is now in Pre-Season period just like us. So for me it is very important to improve my team, my players and I indeed have lot of attention for the opponent players"

"Its because all the time you explain the same. In my Hands is my team, the opponent is not in my hands. So okay, I watch the match, try to know about the target, of the goals of the opponent, they have very good players, they have very good squad, so we will see in the next match but for me repeat the energies in my team"

"Of course I respect the opponent but my job is not to follow the opponent in Social Media when they win. Every Day is normal day for me."

Juan Ferrando further replied : "Obviously I am like them (the fans), I want to win games, win the Derby, I want to win the AFC Cup but honestly my focus is in to prepare good recovery for the players I play. Today, because in 10th we have Kolkata League match and in 12th we have the Derby and also 16th we have our AFC Cup playoff rounds"

"I focus on day-by-day recovery of my players, of my squad. This is my target. Obviously everybody here is ready to try to win all the matches. We are very hungry and want to win all the matches but I think its better day-by-day, to focus and in four-five-six-seven days because its loose energy. I cant change the schedule but I am ready for 10th, ready for 12th and ready for 16th. This is my job"

interview via [Ray Sportz]


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