Is a breakthrough season coming for Abhishek Suryavanshi?

One interesting thing I noticed this time is Abhishek Suryavanshi isn't part of the Mohun Bagan reserves squad anymore. He isn't playing the CFL but training with the main team. After signing Thapa and Sahal, Mohun Bagan have plenty of Indian Midfield options.

Abhishek was a regular last year for the RFDL Squad, he assisted the famous Suhail goal (against West Ham) in next gen cup. This year Mohun Bagan are relying on the Midfield of Sibajit-Hnamte-Engson for the reserves squad, but Abhishek is directly involved with the main team.

I was checking few things and noticed Abhishek was involved with the main team last year when he played his part with the likes of Arsh Anwar Shaikh and Fardin Ali Molla in AFC Cup. 
Interestingly, except Abhishek, the other two are featuring regularly for the reserves.

Though Mohun Bagan have Signed Thapa and Sahal, and they have Glan, Dipak and Hnamte as midfield depth, they have recently released Puitea (joined Odisha). So, it certainly opens up a spot for an Indian Midfielder. Can Abhishek be that guy?

This year Mohun Bagan is set to play ton of games with Durand Cup knocking in the door. Mohun Bagan is set to field a mixed squad where some promising youngsters will be given a chance. With Sahal and Thapa just arriving, Abhishek might get his chance against Bangladesh Army. 

Mohun Bagan will likely field the main team for the derby, but for the rest two games Abhishek might get a start in the senior setup. Can he take his chance? Only time will answer! 

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