"I trusted my team even after Last Match's Draw and came back with a win" : Coach Bastab Roy


Mohun Bagan's Reserve side Coach Bastab Roy addressed that he trusted his team after last day's draw. He knew many chances were created and thereby goals are bound to come. Yesterday's depicted a similar picture.

Coach Bastab Roy : "We bagged 13 points in 5 matches scoring 18 goals in the overall tournament. We are looking lethal"

Bastab Roy reacts did they target to score more goals?: "This things do not happen in this way. It is not a market. The opponent has also came to participate in the tournament and will give their best. We did defeat Dalhousie 3-1 who in turn drew against the Army and Army defeated Samity. This all depends on that particular day on how each team plays. They scored 8 Goals against them, that means I need to score 9 goals...nah Impossible."

" If we had conceded a second goal, then we might have to settle with a draw. Even we might have lost. You cannot judge things like this...(smiles)

Suhail Bhatt scored 2 bangers today and he reacted by saying that this is a result for the team and Engson on the other hand is very happy to put his name in the scoresheet.

Suhail Bhat : "My goal for each game is very clear, it is the amount of help I could offer to the team. Everybody in the dressing room, staffs and coach pushes me to play a good game and I try to give my best to the team. Currently, my focus is to bag the Golden Boot in CFL"

Engson Singh : "I am very happy because we won the match. I think in the first half we were in little bit of pressure and then we slowly started to gain the rhythm. We will try be more confident in the next matches and give our best"
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